Disappearing Species

Read more about each animal below and learn about SAFE Worldwide's efforts to protect these endangered species!


The cheetah is in danger of extinction thru loss of habitat due to humans and poachers are killing them for their beautiful fur coat.  

We owe it to the fastest land animals on the planet to protect their environment so that they will always have a place on this planet to live free from human interference and thrive in their natural habitats.

African Painted Dogs

African wild dogs are not actually part of the normal dog family at all, as they have some very distinct differences. Painted wolves used to be found across the African continent, but are now limited to countries in the south and east of Africa, the main strongholds being in Botswana’s Okavango Delta and the Tanzania’s Selous Game Reserve.

Mountain Gorillas

Mountain gorillas are considered critically endangered by IUCN’s Red List. Their numbers are precariously low at 1004 in 2019. Not only are mountain gorillas threatened by loss of habitat due to human encroachment, they have also become victims of human violence.


All Rhinos are Endangered or Near Threatened. African Rhinos are poached at a rate of 3 per day, due to the demand for their horns. The demand is coming from Asia. Other reasons that rhinos are so endangered is climate change (droughts and floods), habitat loss, reduced genetic diversity and disease. 

3 out of the 5 species might be extinct in our lifetime. We need to act now.


The massive destruction of the orangutans habitat – the tropical rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra – is catastrophic. We are working to save the species and its habitat, but the forces arrayed against the orangutan are so formidable that perhaps, if we (and they) are lucky, just one or two populations may survive.

Grey Wolves

The relationship between humans and wolves has often been contentious.  The gray wolf once had an estimated population of over one million and roamed over two-thirds of the United States. Today as federal protections are being stripped, the gray wolf population in the contiguous United States only numbers around six thousand and is not free to roam its former lands.

Polar Bears

It’s easy to see why polar bears are recognized by humans all around the world. With their seemingly white fur, black snout and eyes, they have the most distinctive look of all the bear species.  They are also the largest species of bear and the biggest land carnivore on earth.