SAFE Worldwide has been involved in many projects around the world.  Here are the projects we have supported in 2019, in partnership with conservation organizations in Rwanda, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Borneo.

Women’s Sewing Projects in Rwanda & Uganda

Most girls never complete secondary school, often having to drop out to work in the fields until they wed early and start their own families. They live in difficult conditions with no electricity or way to get out of the cycle of poverty.

Our trainees receive training certificates to pursue careers that provide financial stability and independence. More importantly, it will allow them to provide health care for their children, keep them in school and allow for greater financial freedom.  This prevents poaching of the forest wildlife.

Microloan Projects in Rwanda and Uganda

We currently have 60 young women participating in the micro loan program and many of them starting their own businesses.

These are no interest loans provided to impoverished individuals living in the Virunga Mountain region of Rwanda and Uganda. The intent is that if we can provide opportunities for impoverished people to start their own businesses, they will not support poaching opportunities or using snares for bushmeat that will then be sold in local markets. Many endangered species will end up in the snares, that are meant for other animals, such as small antelopes.


Local Community Projects

In partnership with local communities in Rwanda and Uganda, SAFE Worldwide provides classroom supplies and uniforms (approx. $20 each) to children in primary and secondary school.  We provided a 10,000 liter water tank in rural Uganda so that an entire village could finally have access to clean water.

We also provide school uniforms for the children that are provided by the sewing center trainees, encouraging a pay-it-forward behavior.

Painted Wolves Vet Clinic Project

SAFE Worldwide helped bring technology to a local community vet clinic, that had no electricity or way to keep vaccines refrigerated.  In August 2019, we partnered with Painted Dog Conservation to open a vet clinic in Dete, Zimbabwe, using solar technology to bring electricity to the facility.  This allows them to keep vaccines refrigerated and provide vaccinations, spay and neuter programs to domestic dogs so that they won’t transmit diseases to Painted Dogs.  Rabies and distemper can wipe out an entire pack.

We support collar tracking programs that help track and then relocate painted wolves too close to rural community areas.


School & Community Outreach Programs

Educational talks in US and abroad regarding wildlife protection and conservation issues affecting us and how anyone can get involved and make a positive impact on the planet.

Using social media to teach about the plight of endangered species and what we can do about it. Providing uniforms for school children thru the sewing center in Rwanda and Uganda. Tree planting programs in areas affected by deforestation in Rwanda and on Borneo due to illegal logging and forest clearing.

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