A New Perspective

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Aubree Cosper

Women. The Future of Conservation.

Unfortunately, as with many decisions in the world women are disproportionately left out of the discussion when it comes to conservation. Less than 30% of researchers are women. They are paid less, their findings are not taken as seriously, and they find themselves discriminated against

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Rachael Spaulding

Can Wildlife Adapt to Climate Change?

The phrase “climate change” provokes a different response in everyone. Some worry about the future for their children and humanity, others worry about the impending political effects, some don’t believe in it at all. The one thing that most can agree on is the fact

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Tiara Wicks

Celebrating and Appreciating Diversity

Our planet Earth thrives off of diversity. From ethnic backgrounds and cultures to the beautiful biodiversity exhibited in Earth’s coral reefs, it is evident in many ways that diversity is what strengthens humanity and wildlife. Diversity has a plethora of benefits, including a variety of

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