WHO is SAFE Worldwide?

SAFE Worldwide is committed to protecting endangered species and the environment through education, community programs, and partnerships with wildlife conservation organizations across the planet.  We partner with  organizations that are directly involved in helping wildlife, affected by habitat loss, poaching and human encroachment.

We do wildlife conservation  talks in schools or in locations surrounding the natural habitat of the endangered species we support, so that we can educate local communities why it is vital to save these highly endangered animals.

S.A.F.E. is Saving Animals Facing Extinction


My name is Linda Lanzl, founder of SAFE Worldwide, and I have been dedicated to the conservation of endangered species all my adult life. I decided that I could no longer just watch from the sidelines and do nothing.

I believe that every species has a right to live on this planet without the fear of becoming a tourist attraction or ending up in a circus or the exotic pet trade industry.  We do not support any organization that believes in animal testing for any reason.  We believe in the rescue of animals taken from the wild with the goal of reintroducing them back into their natural habitats and homelands, when possible.  We also partner with rescue and rehabilitation centers that are 100% committed to the welfare of each animal that is in their care, with the ultimate goal of either a full release back into the wild or providing them a safe and thriving environment when they can live out their lives without fear of their human guardians.

I created SAFE Worldwide because I felt that not enough was being done to educate people about the precarious situation that many of the world’s most endangered species are in.  SAFE became an official 501(c)(3) in January 2017.  You can follow our progress on ‘Our Projects’ page.

My first trip to Africa was in 1997 and included an encounter with the Mountain Gorillas in the Virunga Mountains in Rwanda. It changed my life forever. I felt an amazing connection to this incredible species and knew that we had to save the last remaining 550 that were left in the wild at the time. I then started traveling to other areas of the world, such as the Amazon, Borneo, China and have often returned to Africa since. I have since made it a personal commitment to save other species that are close to extinction and need our help to survive.

Our focus is to provide education in schools and through this website to encourage the next generation to have a voice in protecting the most valuable resources we have on this planet (land and water) that will allow all species to survive and thrive and be free.

SAFE Worldwide is volunteer-based and we take NO salaries100% of your donations go to programs that help to save wildlife in danger of extinction.

This is our commitment to you. It is also our commitment to those other living beings that have the same right to live and walk freely amongst us.


Ruth Michiko Kahl
My name is Ruth Kahl and my career has mostly been in sales and marketing in the semiconductor industry in Silicon Valley.
I have volunteered with various organizations including Catholic Charities, American Women’s Association in Hong Kong, Santa Clara Valley Medical Hospital, Habit for Humanity, Second Harvest Food Bank, Petco’s Town Cats Adoption Center and I’m currently volunteering for Pathways Home Health and Hospice.
I’m also volunteering my time and efforts to SAFE Worldwide as I believe in Linda’s passion to help educate people about endangered species, donate money to provide the tools and teach individuals to be self-sufficient to give back to their communities and raise money to provide the means to rehabilitate and return injured and/or orphaned endangered animals back to a healthy habitat.
I am excited with the progress SAFE Worldwide has made in the few years it has existed as it is focused on those people and animals with the most needs.

I am a woman with a passion for transformation. I am committed to human beings waking to the reality of the precarious position of the planet that we have been so blessed to inhabit, and the plight of the animals who share it.

In short, I love animals, and I love people. I was drawn to contribute and participate with SAFE Worldwide precisely for this reason — for the inspirational and innovative way it goes about improving the living conditions and survival odds of endangered species in part by contributing to the sustainable well-being of the humans living in close proximity to these animals.

This is achieved through a program which partners with local associations to manage and distribute micro-loans to individuals seeking to start a business.

I am proud to both serve as a board member of SAFE Worldwide, and to help oversee the micro-loan  program.”

Donna Anne Dale
Beth Porterfield
Beth is a passionate educator with over 15 years of experience in progressive schools as a peace studies and community service director, biology and environmental science classroom teacher, director of sustainability and founder and  manager of the Tide Turners youth activism  travel program. She has taken students around the world from the Amazon Rainforest to the Giant Panda Conservation Program in China, providing  experiential education opportunities for students to connect with  the natural world from both their hearts and their heads, empowering them as activists to help create a more peaceful and sustainable world.
Previous to becoming an educator, Beth worked as an environmental activist at Greenpeace USA where she practiced the Quaker ethics of bearing witness and nonviolence. Additionally, she has a background in homeless outreach and mental health counseling, as well as, extensive experience in nonprofit management and fundraising. She holds a BA in Social Justice and Environmental Education from Prescott College, a Certificate in Nonprofit Management from Georgetown University  and an MA in Secondary Science Education from American University.
Beth is committed to differentiating instruction based on the theory of Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, providing transformative educational experiences for all students who learn differently .

Lindsey Beres is a digital strategist and has more than 10 years of digital and social media work under her belt. She has worked with several non-profits as well as started her own successful organization, which still runs today. Lindsey brings a wealth of knowledge and has helped SAFE Worldwide create a social media presence that was missing until recently.

Wildlife extinction and habitat loss is the primary cause she supports, followed closely by ending illegal poaching and wildlife trade.

Lindsey joined our SAFE Worldwide team in January 2021 and continues to make a noticeable impact on everything that she gets involved in with our organization.

Lindsey manages all aspects of operations for the organization and joined our board in April 2021.

Lindsey Beres


Sandy Athniel - Social Media Mgr

After graduating from San Diego State University, Sandy Athniel embarked on her career in marketing, becoming the first hire at a San Diego agency.

Being so caught up with the busy agency life, she lost touch with some of the things she enjoyed doing in college, like volunteering, pursuing creative passion projects, and connecting with nature.

Sandy decided to join SAFE Worldwide because she was longing to spend more time doing good with an organization that embodies her values for sustainability and animal welfare.

Sandy serves as our Social Media Manager

Stori Smith’s wildlife conservation journey began with an elementary school fascination with Animal Planet and Diane Fossey. Now, as a recent Montana State University graduate with a degree in Conservation Biology and Ecology, she hopes to pursue her passion for animal welfare and environmental justice. She currently works at a veterinary clinic in Washington State and is training to be a wildlife sanctuary guide.

Eventually, she hopes to work at a nonprofit where she can use creative work and public education to increase conservation science’s appeal to those unfamiliar with its technicalities. Her ultimate goal is to bridge the perceived gap between the human and natural worlds to inspire environmental empathy and action. Stori is excited to join SAFE Worldwide’s efforts to better serve the entire planet’s population–people and animals.  She has joined us as one of our key writers on wildlife and environmental topics supporting our efforts on social media platforms and in fundraising efforts.

Stori Smith-Photo
Stori Smith, Senior Staff Writer
Rachel Spaulding - Social Media
Rachel Spaulding is an environmental engineering major in the honors college at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. She is currently assisting in research on how hurricanes affect marine environments including coral reefs. She has always had a passion for helping people, animals, and the environment. In her own words: “I knew that I wanted to volunteer my time to an organization, but I was particularly drawn to Safe Worldwide. Their goals of protecting wildlife and educating people, all while donating 100% of profits, is uniquely humanitarian and selfless. Through the use of social media, I hope to spread the message and goals of SAFE Worldwide, so others can get involved too”.

Rachel joined SAFE as our Instagram and Twitter Guru and is helping us with our social media presence so we can reach more young people who want to be a part of a movement for creating a better and kinder planet, believing that all species matter.

Tiara Wicks is a senior at Carnegie Mellon University in the B.S Business Administration degree program with a concentration in Business Technology.  Her main interests are entrepreneurship, fashion, engineering, and performing arts. She is passionate about giving back through community projects and her sorority.

She is thrilled to work with SAFE Worldwide and help with our creative strategies to make a positive impact on our animals and impoverished communities.

Her favorite animal is her dog Chestnut (Golden Retriever and Cocker Spaniel mix) , throughout childhood she owned several fish, 2 bunnies, and 2 dogs. In her own words, “Anything I can do to help animals I am more than happy to do it!”

Tiara will be heading our email and fundraising campaign strategy and is responsible for our monthly newsletter initiative. We’re thrilled to have Tiara join the team!

Tiara Wicks
Tiara Wicks - Social Media
Aubree Cosper - Public Relations Coordinator & Senior Staff Writer
Aubree Cosper is a recent graduate of the University of Washington and is planning on getting her JD in Environmental Law. She hopes to one day be involved in the protection and conservation efforts of both nature and animal populations. She is also very passionate about sustainable food, farming, veganism, and living in harmony with the environment and the animals we share it with. Aubree wanted to join SAFE worldwide because of its mission to help both animals and people. She believes the best way to conserve wildlife and protect the rights of animals on an international and local level is through community engagement and education.

Aubree joined SAFE worldwide to engage with her larger environmental community through writing and communication, both of which are powerful tools in creating a more equitable and sustainable world for people and animals!

As a retiree, Steve Fox enjoys giving back to my community. He was a volunteer member for over 15 years with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. He currently does work with local senior citizens, helping them with tech products. He also assists in recording audio books for the blind.  

During his professional career, he was a finance and accounting executive in the cable television industry.

Steve was interested in photography and videography, and has taught himself video editing. Looking for a way to apply his newly acquired skills, he came across an opportunity to assist SAFE Worldwide with its outreach through videos and social media. It has been a very rewarding and educational experience.

Steve has learned a lot about the plight of endangered animals through SAFE Worldwide, and now wholeheartedly support its unique approach to trying to save endangered species.

Steve Fox - Senior Video Editor
Brianna Larson - Project Support Coordinator

Brianna Larson graduated from the University of Tampa with a degree in Marketing and a minor in Entrepreneurship. I worked in sales and customer service roles and one of my best experiences was fundraising for the Wounded Warrior Project.

Brianna  has always loved animals and nature, and wanted to volunteer with a non profit to help the environment. She found SAFE Worldwide not only protects wildlife but educates communities. She believes both are fundamental when it comes to saving the amazing animals our planet has and their natural homes.

Brianna joins our volunteer team as a Project Support Coordinator and resides in California.

Gabrielle Smyly joins us as our Website Content Manager and has worked in environmental compliance for the manufacturing and energy industries in Alabama. She graduated with degrees in environmental science and chemical engineering at the University of Alabama, and spends some of her free time camping, watching Netflix, and working as a volunteer at the Alabama Wildlife Center. Her passions include environmental sustainability and trying to find ways to reduce her carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Gabby joined SAFE Worldwide in May 2021 and hopes to improve the website and make it easier for people to learn all about what SAFE Worldwide has to offer!

Gabrielle Smyly with one of her cats, Huginn
Gabrielle Smyly - Website Content Manager
Joshua Rice - Staff Writer
Joshua Rice - Staff Writer

Joshua Rice is a recent graduate from UCLA with a B.A. in Philosophy. His main academic interests involve metaphysics and ethics, and he hopes one day to pursue graduate work in either Philosophy or Anthropology. Currently, his passions involve animal rights and environmentalism, and he believes the current number one environmental and moral issue facing the planet is factory farming. His hobbies include graphic design, cooking, and songwriting.

Josh joined SAFE Worldwide in June 2021 to help educate people on the damage that can be done to vulnerable ecosystems when humans are negligent in their protective measures. He believes that education and the dissemination of information through democratic channels is the most effective means of bring about a more just and equitable world.

Maxine Roeder, an environmental biology and design student at Washington University, has been fascinated with both the natural world and art and design for as long as she can remember. Her love for animals started when she began drawing animals, painting landscapes and reading countless books about nature. This passion for nature expanded into one for environmentalism, conservation and sustainability and throughout the years, she has been involved in environmental causes, whether it be raising awareness about climate change to those around her, designing sustainable textiles or raising money for wildlife charities. As someone with a background in the visual arts, she loves to use art and design and a medium to create real environmental change. 

Maxine was drawn to SAFE Worldwide because of its unique mission of advocating for wildlife, uplifting people and working to create meaningful change via education. Maxine believes that all beings on this earth deserve to live on this planet and prosper and she is thrilled to use her artistic vision working with SAFE to create a better world for both wildlife and human beings.

Maxine Roeder - Graphic Artist
Maxine Roeder, Graphic Artist
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